22-year-old woman dies in a coma while in custody of Iranian ethics police

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has ordered an investigation into her death, state news agency ISNA reported on Friday.

On Tuesday night, Mahsa Amini and her family were stopped by a Moral Police patrol – a group that enforces strict dress codes for women – from Iran’s Kurdistan region to visit relatives in the capital, Tehran. units, such as wearing the mandatory hijab.

According to IranWire, human rights activists who spoke with the family said police caught Amini and forced her into a police car.

According to IranWire, her brother Kiarash tried to intervene and was told his sister was taken to a police station for an hour of “re-education”.

Kiarash said he never saw his sister wake up again.

As he waited for her to be discharged outside the police station, an ambulance stopped and took his sister carefully to the hospital.

In an interview with IranWire, Kiarash said he was told she had suffered a heart attack or stroke while at the police station and was in a coma.

On Thursday, Tehran police said Amini had a “heart attack” following his arrest on Tuesday.

“The woman suffered a sudden heart attack in the presence of others and was taken to the Greater Tehran Police Station for instruction and education,” police said.

Amini’s family questioned the police version of events, saying she was a normal, healthy 22-year-old girl with no previous heart disease.

“It was only two hours between her arrest and being taken to the hospital,” Kiarash told IranWire.

State media said a video released by Iranian state television showed Amini walking into an “educational” center where she would receive “instructions” on proper Islamic clothing.

The edited video shows CCTV footage of a woman sitting in a seat before standing up to talk to an “expert” who touched her clothes before she falls to the ground.

The footage below shows five men carrying her on a stretcher, apparently unconscious. Then show the ambulance in another frame.

The video is edited at 19 seconds, after which the woman stands up and speaks. Before the cut, it appeared to be daylight outside. After cutting, it looks dark.

“Ms. Amini looked unwell and fell to the ground,” said a reporter for state media.

It is unclear what happened to Amini after his arrest and before his appearance at the re-education center. CNN could not confirm that the woman in the video was Amini.

Iranian officials said Saturday that they had conducted an autopsy on Amini’s body. Speaking on state television, the head of Iran’s Forensic Medicine Organization, Mehdi Frozesh, said the results would be released after further examination by medical experts.

President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jack Sullivan, tweeted on Friday that the White House was deeply concerned by Amini’s death.

Amini, “reportedly beaten by Iranian ethics police in custody. Her death is inexcusable. We will continue to hold Iranian officials accountable for this human rights violation,” Sullivan tweeted.

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