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Russia smuggles Ukrainian grain to help pay for Putin’s war

BEIRUT (AP) — An investigation by The Associated Press and the PBS series “Frontline” documents a sophisticated Russian smuggling operation that used fake lists and maritime ruse to steal at least $530 million worth of goods. Ukrainian food. The Associated Press and Frontline used satellite imagery and maritime radio transponder data to track three dozen ships that made more than 50 voyages carrying grain from Russian-occupied Ukraine to Middle Eastern ports. Rich businessmen and state-owned companies in Russia and Syria are carrying out theft. Some of them already face financial sanctions from the United States and the European Union. Legal experts say theft is a potential war crime.

Indonesian police investigate tear gas fired at soccer match

MALANG, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian police are investigating more than a dozen officers responsible for firing tear gas that sparked a fascination that killed 125 people at a football match. At least 17 children were among the dead, seven of whom are being treated in hospital. A national police spokesman said 18 police officers were being investigated for firing tear gas. As part of the investigation, he said, police were questioning witnesses and analyzing footage from security cameras and victims’ phones to identify the suspected vandals. Most of the deaths occurred when riot police fired tear gas to stop fans protesting the home team’s defeat. It triggered a catastrophic squeeze from the audience, who panicked and ran for the exit. Most victims were trampled or suffocated.

UK scraps tax cuts for the wealthy that have sparked market turmoil

BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom (AP) — The British government has abandoned plans to cut income taxes for high earners. The move is part of a package of unfunded cuts that have roiled financial markets and sent the pound to record lows. Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said on Monday he would abandon plans to scrap the top 45% income tax rate on income over £150,000 a year. The announcement comes as more lawmakers from the ruling Conservative Party open up the government’s tax plan. The pound fell to a record low against the dollar after announcing a £45bn tax cut. The Bank of England had to step in to stabilize bond markets.

Ukrainian army continues offensive with new victories

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian forces continue to advance their offensive, embarrassing Moscow, as Kyiv officials and foreign observers hinted at new advances in a strategic area south of Kherson. The region has been one of the toughest battlegrounds for the Ukrainians, and progress has been slow compared to the breakout offensive around Kharkov in Kyiv that began last month. Ukrainian media also highlighted images of Ukrainian troops displaying flags at a sign in the village of Khreshchenivka, in the same district of Kherson, where troops have apparently breached Russian defenses. Russian military bloggers are increasingly acknowledging Ukraine’s human superiority in the region.

Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to evolutionary research

STOCKHOLM (AP) — This year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to Swedish scientist Svante Pabo for his discoveries about human evolution. Nobel committee secretary Thomas Perlman announced the laureates on Monday at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The Medicine Prize kicks off a week of Nobel Prize announcements. Prizes for physics continue on Tuesday, chemistry on Wednesday and literature on Thursday. The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on Friday, and the Economics Prize will be announced in October. 10.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro and right-wing perform well, defying polls

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Jair Bolsonaro’s performance in Brazil’s presidential election has greatly exceeded expectations, proving that the far-right wave in his presidency remains a force and provides the world Another example of polls falling short. The most trusted opinion polls show left-wing former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva by a wide margin and could even claim a first-round victory. In the end, Bolsonaro rose by a surprising 5 percentage points — less than half the gap shown by several surveys before the election. He will face Da Silva in a high-stakes match in October. 30 presidential runoffs.

After Hurricane Ian, danger persists, worse in parts

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Days after Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc from Florida to the Carolinas, danger persisted and even worsened in some places. Clearly, the road to recovery from the monster storm will be long and painful. And Ian wasn’t done yet. The storm brought heavy rain to Virginia on Sunday. It was dissipating as it moved offshore, but officials warned severe flooding was still possible on the Virginia coast starting Monday night. Ian was one of the strongest storms to make landfall in the United States.

‘We’re with you,’ Biden told Puerto Rico ahead of visit

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. President Joe Biden said the U.S. government will be with Puerto Rico for a long time as it cleans up and rebuilds after Hurricane Fiona. Biden flew to U.S. soil on Monday to investigate some of the damage after the Sept. 1 Category 1 hurricane struck. 18. Fiona caused catastrophic flooding that damaged roads and bridges and triggered more than 100 landslides. Biden will visit amid widespread anger and frustration over the ongoing blackout. Two weeks after the storm, tens of thousands of people continued to struggle with power and water outages.

Jurors begin their trial in January. 6 Sedition by the Oathbenders

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors are preparing to indict the founder and four associates of the Oath Keepers extremist group. They are charged in the most serious cases and will face trial in January. On June 6, 2021, the US Capitol was attacked. Stuart Rhodes and others charged with inciting the conspiracy are expected to make opening statements Monday in federal court in Washington. Prosecutors allege they carried out a week-long conspiracy to prevent Republican Donald Trump from handing over power to Democrat Joe Biden. The Oathkeeper was the first to stand trial for inciting a conspiracy that ran for 20 years.

Alabama’s Black Representatives Tested in Supreme Court

Montgomery, Alabama. (AP) – A federal court panel has called congressional districts unconstitutional because they dilute the representation of black Alabama voters, but they are still being used in November’s election after the U.S. Supreme Court allowed them. The High Court hears arguments in the case on Tuesday. Crowding black voters into one of the state’s seven congressional districts left many of them without a voice and gave Republicans one more seat than they should have based on the state’s demographics and voting patterns. For decades, gerrymandering has diminished the influence of black voters in a state synonymous with the civil rights movement.

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