Heather B. MOORE CHAMPIONS 3D Jewelry Technology

Moore’s studio is launching a new high-resolution platform for displaying and designing jewelry online, a process that first adds handcrafted pieces in such high 3D resolution, and with such high mobility, even on mobile Look at them and you can almost touch them.

“This technology is really designed for mobile devices,” Moore said. “Once we’ve loaded our stock pieces, we’ll add the ability to open and close the carabiner, etc. Then we’ll move on to designing your own personalized jewelry on our website that’s as real and tactile as you are Feel holding them in your hands. All this without having to walk into a store.

Moore has always been an innovator, and he sees 3D shopping as a game-changer for online retailers and storefronts.

“Everyone is online,” Moore said. “Everyone. To be able to display fine jewelry and other high-end products in a virtual way, as if touching them and putting them under a light, is what potential customers want.”

about Heather B. Moore: Heather B. Moore (HeatherBMoore.com) is an award-winning fine jewelry designer who pioneered the introduction of personalization into fine jewelry.Her eponymous brand is often seen in places such as Fashion, Town and Countryand rob reportand is in U.S. and based on Cleveland, Ohio. Each piece is handcrafted to the customer’s specifications.

Press contact: Willis Cuevas, Sales and Marketing Director. e-mail: [email protected]. Phone: 216-812-7312

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