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Is “Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)” Worth Watching by Spokane Shakespeare Society? TonHats are the problem.

Spokane Shakespeare Society in partnership with Spokane Parks and Recreation Center for Anne-Marie Macdonald’s “Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)” from September 8-25.

The show was originally shown at Riverside Park before moving to Duncan Gardens in Manito Park. Production It is a humorous interpretation of two classic Shakespeare plays, Othello and Romeo and Juliet.

The Spokane Shakespeare Society had a small cast of six for the play, but managed to get multiple actors to play multiple roles.

show follow Constance bellyOneassistant professor Queen’s Universityuniversity, who A research project is initially underway to demonstrate the above two Shakespeare’s works are comedy actuallyalthough usually marked as tragic.

finally, belly Find yourself completely immersed in the worlds of ‘Othello’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’, interfering with Two tragic plots and ultimately prevented many of the deaths in the original.

The play itself is designed to cater to Shakespeare lovers.Although the protagonist uses contemporary language and slang, the Characters in “Shakespeare’s World” use eearly modern englishh. language Shakespeare wrote; tHis theatrical aspect makes it special Younger audiences and those who haven’t read or seen Othello or Romeo and Juliet have a hard time understanding exactly what’s going on.

Either way, the show still has an element of humor that suits it Audiences of different ages and backgrounds, mainly comingROM bellyof line and those roles’ comedy block. is also very commendable that every actor can remember their lines, Consider that most plays are in Shakespeare English.

TonSimple stages and minimal props allow the actors to carry the performance; the audience is no longer focused on elaborate costume designs or visual effects, but rather on the characters and their individual arcs.

One of my squabbles with the show had less to do with the cast and more to do with the synopsis of the script itself.The protagonist tries to study the premise of “Othello” is a comedy hit i’m weird because when i readOthello”, I understand that most tragedies are racist drive. Othello was sabotaged because he was deemed unworthy of Desdemona and his high office, mainly because of his race.

This is likely because the play was written almost 40 years ago, and in the end the Spokane Shakespeare Society did not portray Othello as being black, which prevents spectators from participating in the game.Still, I find it odd that the show’s focus is on Othello and not some other Tragedy that could have been easier to satirize.

Overall, I think the actors did a good job. from my point of view, a The prominent character is Constance bellyPlayed by Abby Constable as she is able to perform with high energy while rememberingConversation page.

Spokane Shakespeare Society also dID Making its shows accessible to people in the area is an amazing job because they Yes Free and located in the park.

The production itself proves that for audiences of all ages, reimagine or Shakespeare offers more than tragedy.

Kaelyn New is a news editor. Follow her on Twitter: @kaelyn_new.

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