Judy Turner-Smith slams Kanye West

Jodie Turner-Smith branded Kanye West ‘disgusting’.

The ‘Queen and Slim’ actress wore a ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirt and urged the 45-year-old star after sparking controversy at her Yeezy fashion show in Paris on Monday (03/10/22). Stop sharing his “toxic” opinions.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: “I thought he said he wanted to bring people together??? Fake, disgusting, embarrassing.

“Please go touch some grass and stop sharing your toxic thoughts (sic)”

Jodie shared her message on a screenshot of one of Kanye’s own posts, which read: “When I say war, I mean war. (sic)”

The 36-year-old star went on to share what others were saying about Kanye’s show.

One was a tweet from Jaden Smith, who quit the show early.

He posted: “I don’t care who it is. If I don’t feel the news that I’m out. Black Lives Matter (sic)”

She then shared an article from Vas J. Morgan, who slammed Kanye’s “terrible” decision.

He wrote: “As his fan and one of the biggest cheerleaders, it’s very disappointing that Kanye West used his incredibly big platform today to bring us back centuries as black people.

“It’s a lot darker than a T-shirt. It’s horrible.”

The “White Noise” star also showed fans comments from producer Van Leyson.

It read: “We don’t need to be reminded of the value of white lives. America is a sanctuary of white values. This message is a reaction to messages affirming the value of black lives, which have never had any value in America.”

Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid has slammed the ‘ruthless’ rapper for mocking Vogue editor Gabriela Carrefa-Johnson in response to her criticism of his show .

Commenting on Kanye’s Instagram post, Gigi wrote: “You wish you had her wit. You don’t know lol…if any of your fucking make sense, she’s probably the only one who can save your people.

“As if the ‘honor’ of being invited to your show should stop someone from speaking out…? Haha. You’re a bully and a joke. (sic)”

Gigi later took the controversy to her own Instagram Story, slamming Kanye for “immature bullying” and warning how “dangerous” it was to keep giving him a platform to express his controversial views.

She wrote: “I try very hard not to give that person airtime but to openly bully critics of your work on your big platform is another absurdity to me. If you can’t take it don’t throw it If you can’t take criticism, especially the smart, detailed and well-meaning criticism from GKJ [after] Yesterday’s program, then don’t take work out for mass consumption.

“It’s premature bullying. We’ve all contributed to it by continuing to engage in this work for dynamism, web traffic, sheer curiosity or whatever. Enough. It’s not smart. It’s not fun … it’s not nuanced. It’s dangerous.”

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