Spokane City Council votes to seek funding for district law enforcement training center

From Spokane:

Spokane — During Monday’s legislative session, the City Council unanimously voted to pass Resolution 2022-0089, which commits the City of Spokane to work with the Washington State Legislature to seek funding for a regional law enforcement training center.

“The Spokane Police Academy provides excellent training for recruits and current law enforcement officers,” said Council Member Zack Zappone. “I look forward to working with our state lawmakers to ensure funding is used to expand and strengthen this center, which will greatly benefit everyone in our community.”

The Spokane Police Department’s (SPD) current training center is the primary training center for SPD and other regional and state law enforcement agencies that may not have the resources or capacity to conduct up-to-date law enforcement training. The training center, currently in disrepair, continues to provide progressive training on active bystanders in law enforcement, implicit bias, procedural justice, and reality-based training.

“Shortly after resolving the Otto Zehm case, the City of Spokane renewed its commitment to robust, cutting-edge police training to reduce escalating violence and better protect our officers and the members of the communities they serve,” said City Council President Breean Beggs. “Upgrading our training facilities to better address this issue is another step in this commitment, and I look forward to even greater progress.”

State Capital Budget Committee member and Representative Marcus Riccelli added, “We have an overwhelming commitment to provide law enforcement with the tools to help address the myriad issues facing so many in our communities, while ensuring they can investigate and stop crime. I Thank you to a new generation of officials who stepped up to serve and are committed to helping secure the infrastructure funding needed so they are best prepared to keep our communities healthy and safe.”

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