The San Antonio Zoo Will Let You Name a Cockroach After Your Ex and Feed It to the Animals


The San Antonio Zoo is offering a special Valentine’s Day greeting for those exes who won’t run away.

For $10, the zoo will name a cockroach after someone you’re not special and feed it to the animals—a nonchalant but direct message that you’re no longer interested.

The annual “Cry for the Cockroaches” fundraiser will “support the zoo’s vision to secure the future of wildlife in Texas and around the world,” the San Antonio Zoo said on its website.

Those who don’t like bugs can choose between $5 vegetables or $25 rodents.

All donors will receive a digital Valentine’s Day card to show their support for the zoo. They also have the option to send their ex a digital Valentine’s Day card telling them that a cockroach, rodent or vegetable was named after them and fed to the animal.

Those with particularly stubborn exes can pay $150 for an upgrade that includes sending recipients a personalized video message showing their cockroaches, rodents or vegetables being devoured by animals.

Cyle Perez, the zoo’s director of public relations, told CNN that the annual event is popular. Last year, they received more than 8,000 donations from all 50 states and more than 30 different countries.

“Now, we’re on track to break last year’s record with ‘Zach,’ ‘Ray,’ and ‘Adam,’ the most submitted former names to date,” Perez said.

To participate, you’ll need to submit your ex’s name online by Valentine’s Day.

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